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$0 / month

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  • Story Mention, post comments and DM auto-reply tools
  • 10 MobileMonkey branding-free sends
  • 250 contacts

What you get with Free Forever:

  • Send text and images in DMs
  • DM responses for up to 5 keywords
  • Up to 5 different Story Mention replies

InstaChamp Premium

More messages, more advanced features, more marketing automations.

$20 / month


$9.95 / month

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  • Story Mention, post comments and DM auto-reply tools
  • 500 MobileMonkey branding-free sends *
  • 1,000 contacts **

Everything in Free Forever plus:

  • Respond differently based on conversation paths
  • DM responses for unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited different Story Mention replies
  • Collect phone numbers and emails in DMs
  • Export contacts to Google Sheets


* Additional branding-free sends: $5/1,000

** Additional contacts: $10/500

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InstaChamp Pricing FAQ

InstaChamp is the world’s first Instagram-approved toolset for automating DMs. InstaChamp uses the Facebook Messenger API to enable three awesome automations: 

  1. Reply DMs with an autoresponder
  2. Reply to Story Mentions with a DM autoresponder
  3. Reply to post comments with a DM autoresponder.

With InstaChamp Free Forever edition, you can program catch-all autoresponders and up to 5 keywords to receive unique autoresponders for DMs and Story Mention replies.

InstaChamp Premium has all the superpowers of the free version of InstaChamp — but with more good stuff.

You can program an unlimited number of keywords with unique DM, post comment, and Story Mention autoresponders.

And you can save email and phone numbers from conversations into an exportable Google Sheet — so you can follow up with leads!

Every message sent by InstaChamp automations counts as a send. DMs sent by InstaChamp will include “Sent by my MobileMonkey” branding after the allotted number of branding-free sends.

InstaChamp saves each contact that direct messages your business in Instagram. These contacts make up your InstaChamp contact database. Contacts can be exported into Google Sheets using InstaChamp Premium.

InstaChamp is a simple interface for building DM auto-replies. In fact InstaChamp is so dang simple we designed it to work for a single user login.

If you have multiple VAs or customer service representatives accessing your Instagram inbox, we recommend you check out FunnelPro by MobileMonkey, a multi-user messaging platform for customer care, marketing and sales teams.

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